A selection of comments from my Visitors Book - a very big thank you to all.   

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"Absolutely Fantastic. Thankyou"                                  

Mr and Mrs O. Nottingham



"As  a  writer  and  musician  I  had  to  stop  myself   from  sitting  down  and 

writing! Inspirational. Thank you!"

C J. Lincoln                                                                                                                     




RG. Sheffield



"Inspirational & Many Interpretations . Absolutely Fantastic!" 

B & I D. Lincoln



"A pleasure to walk around" 

AJ. Newark




SG. Ollerton



"A delight to the eye" 

AW. Ravenshead 



"What a lovely mixture of art and music"

MT. Newark



"I love your work. Wish I had longer" 

PB. West Australia 



"Absolutely gorgeous"

AP. Nottingham



"I love the vibrance and excitement of the colours. Wonderful work"

DD. Lincoln



"Picasso eat your heart out!"

D & R B. Bridlington



"The best pieces of art we've ever seen"

S C J & E. Balderton



"We love your work it is truly inspiring"

P & E H. Chesterfield



"Ingenious work - excellent exhibition"

DB. Newark



"So vibrant and happy! Would cheer me up any day!! Lovely!

MG. Newark



"Wonderful work. A real delight to see."

PB. Coddington



"Uplifting and enjoyable"

JLR. Chesterfield



"Wow! Fantastic paintings, fantastic usual"

A & C HB. West Bridgford



"A picture for every mood, every occasion"

J & A. East Yorkshire



"By far the best show in town - fabulous - really made our day."

M & D S. Bingham



"A true artist with a natural gift. Exciting work"

MH. Southwell



"Delightful fusion of art and music. Thank you so much for making us welcome and sharing ideas"

David and Sue B.



"Pure class! Fantastic!"

John I.



"Had to come back again. Wonderful use of colour."

MF. Metheringham



"Your work is fabby dabby doosy"

FN. (aged 6) Cromwell



"A spiritual experience by a gifted lady"

DW. Sleaford



"Lovely work - will definately be following this up!"

LR. Bromsgrove



"Truly a magical experience"

G & A S. Long Bennington



"I love all the pictures a lot"

Emma S. (aged 6) Newark



"Pictures are beautiful"

James M (aged 1o) Tamworth



"Beautiful! I love the scores under the paint - very lovely!"

AO. Perth Scotland



"Wonderful to see music by hand. I am saving up!!!!!"

JC. Newark



"Went in twice and bought second time!!!"

D & G C. Newark



"Fascinating and inspirational work. Superbly presented"

JK. Billinghay



"Very nice but what do you do with it?"

J & AJP. Newark



"Beautiful. You look and wait for a long time! You don't do anything."

RW. Newark



"I don't really like it, nevertheless interesting"

RAK. Newark



"Marvellous, love to be able to afford one!"

EL. West Bridgford



"Totally different - difficult to choose a favourite!!"

J & S S. Sleaford



"Soooo enjoyable"

EC. Long Bennington



"Well Done. It's been a wonderful meeting."

FA. Burton



"Wonderfully expressive and beautifully crafted"

BJ. Collingham



"Delightfully different"

MH. Newark




PF. Stamford



"Keep bouncing along - excellent - see you at the top!"

CL & KS. Newark



"Very interesting, very different. Absorbing"

FM. Bingham



"Intricate work. Great commercial potential. Art Deco influence for me"

JAT. Northants



"Great imagination!"

JB. Derbyshire



"Look forward to our collaboration!"

P & B M. Beverley



"Too fantastic for words!"                                                                                  

J B.  Nottingham



"What a super commissioning idea! Quite delightful!"                                        

 M K.  Paris



"Excellent detail and perspective"                                                                       

D J F.  Newark



"Very special and very different"                                                                    

C U.  Netherlands



"Love the music in the paintings - you can virtually hear it!"

 Mr and Mrs S.  Nottingham



"You've given me inspiration!"                                                                          

 A S.  Horncastle



"Amazing, unique and uplifting"                                                         

Mr and Mrs S.  Lincoln



"Highly original. A great fusion with the music"                            

 M.  Sturton By Stow



"We saw this work in Newark.  It is very special I hope a lot of people come to visit this   


C&P.  Bracebridge Heath                                                                                                      



"Utterly unique"                                                                                                         

 D H.  Lincoln



"The finest and most colourful collection in town"                

 Mr and Mrs M.  Bridlington



"Saw this in Newark and just had to come back with my sister" 

C M C.  Skellingthorpe



"Stunning work like looking at coloured gems"                                        

 C S & K I.  Lincoln



"Loved the new works. How many people guessed Beethoven's 5th?" 

D & C. Nottingham



" Parry's 'I  Was  Glad' has pride of place in our home. Lovely to see your other work"

Mr and Mrs W. Leeds



"Delicious and Seductive!"

A M. Lincoln



"Your work is the lovely shaft of light breaking through the storm clouds!"

A & F. Nottingham



"Loved the paintings - so much in them, yet the lines are uncluttered"

CL. Newark



"The war thing was awesome, the art is awesome"

ZM. (aged 11) Newark



"Wonderfully decorative and unusual"

A & EM. Derbyshire



"Great Artist"

H & JL. Newark



"Beautiful and intricate"

The Butler Family. Lincoln




Suzanne. Southwell



"Wonderful Collection"

SB. Nottinghamshire



"Spectacular work. The detail is stunning and quite beautful"

AW. Nottinghamshire



"Great job, especially for me - being also a musician, music and art together - Beautiful!!"

LT. Poland



"Sweet As"

MS. Australia




D & S M. Canada



"Stunning as always, esp like Appalachian Spring"

KF. Nottingham



"Beautifully imaginative as ever"

DR. Newark



"Great, we love coming in and seeing your work. Beautiful"
Charlie, Carol, Tammy and Dave



"Absolutely beautiful"

JS. Sutton on Trent



"Lovely to come into an exhibtion and enjoy it so much, you laugh out loud - love the work and the titles"

AH. Grantham



"A  joy to behold"

AB. Farndon



"Tra - la- la - la! Super"

PW. Ely



"Your paintings make me smile. Lovely"

SO. Calverton



"Really exciting colours and shapes"

GS. Rainworth



"Gloriously happy and uplifting. I leave in a singing mood"                     

MO. London

"...........when I've seen your work at the NEC Birmingham it has always stayed in my memory. I enjoy looking at your website and was pleased to see that I could afford one of your prints. I am usually drawn to more traditional art, but your work goes straight to the heart and moves me in unexpected ways....."

CW. Sedgley